Robin Ripley on Garden Guys Radio – She’s No Chicken Whisperer Though


I’m a little late sharing this because I was down with the flu and feeling pretty sorry for myself for a few days.

Lucky me, my husband tucked me into bed and waited on me hand and foot during my convalescence—even taking a day off from work to make sure I didn’t try to get out of bed and paint the house, chop logs or build a new shed.

Well, early in my sickness I was on the Garden Guys radio, a fabulous call-in talk radio show out of Boston hosted by the lively and entertaining duo Layanee DeMerchant and Sam Jeffries.  You know Layanee, right? She blogs at Ledge and Gardens, named by Horticulture magazine as one of the best garden blogs in 2012.

It’s fun to listen to their whole show, of course, but there is a quick link on this page directly to the interview with me talking about…wait for it…chickens!

Of course, I’m no Chicken Whisperer (aka Andy Schneider). He will be on their show this Sunday between 7 and 9 a.m. Eastern. You can listen LIVE. Call in with your questions. Go ahead and ask him your hard questions, because he knows everything.

3 Responses to “Robin Ripley on Garden Guys Radio – She’s No Chicken Whisperer Though”

  1. Randi S says:

    Absolutely great photo of both of you!

  2. Layanee says:

    What a lovely picture of you and chick. You were The Chicken Expert. LOL Yes, you are. Thanks from The Gal of The Garden Guys for this big shout out. I love your chicken blog.

  3. Great website — And a wonderful photo of you and your Rhode Island Red!

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