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So what do I do with all these eggs? We're glad you asked! And while we're sharing, there are a few tall chicken tales we have to tell.

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Which religious man do chickens fear most?
The friar.

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T. Boone Chickens
2013-02-22 17:39:24
Fire Up the Oven and Get Out the Flour
One of the most satisfying ways to use up those eggs is to bake. My current favorite cookbook for all things sweet is Flour.
2012-11-21 20:01:19
Eco-Friendly Uses for Eggshells
Don't toss those eggshells. You can use them around the house and garden.
2012-07-22 21:00:45
A Homemade Garden Cloche -- Take That, You Chickens!
My own homemade cloche to protect my tender young plants. Take that, you chickens!